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Audio, Video, and Social Media Marketing

There's no need to laboriously write-out all of your content. Instead, leverage your efforts with audio and video.

Many of us are better at speaking than writing—it comes naturally. That's perfect! To generate content fast, record your audio or video message and transcribe it for a small fee. Instant text for your site. Don't worry about sounding like James Earl Jones or Sigourney Weaver; just be yourself.

Will the result be as polished as laboriously crafted copy? No. But it will be immediate and effective. A freelance editor can always clean things up.

Through regular exposure, we feel like we know our political figures and celebrities, even though we've probably never met them. Audio and video will form a more personal relationship with your clients than text.

Most people have too much reading already. Podcasts and YouTube channels break through the ho-hum of most newsletters.

To collect audio customer testimonials, check out Instant Audio, a telephone-based service that makes it quick and easy. (Or with a little equipment, you can do the same thing with your existing voicemail service.) Soon, Google Voice will be online, offering telephone, voice mail, and integrated transcription. Ideal for marketers.

If it seems too odd to sit in a quiet room alone with a microphone, find a muse, someone to prompt you in a conversation. Or interview an expert on the phone, just like your favorite radio station would do.

Just a few years ago, recording and distributing multimedia was expensive and difficult. Now it's cheap and easy. There's no reason not to do it — you'll end up with powerful combination.

Just 15 minutes of recorded conversation is equivalent to about 2,500 written words. Forget about Real, Quicktime, and Windows Media. The most ubiquitous and versatile format for audio and video is Adobe Flash—the same technology that YouTube, MySpace, Hulu, and all the other big boys use. Free encoders and players are available.

What's Your Style?

“Is that a real poncho, or a Sears poncho?” — Frank Zappa

Does this all this sound too commercial for your taste? Are you imagining some sort of breathless hard-sell pitch? Sure that works great for TV informercials (RIP Billy Mays), but if it's not your style, don't go down that road. Instead, educate your visitors, form a relationship, then provide a easy path for your clients to buy when they are ready.

Everything described here can be designed and deployed in any style, from elegant and tasteful to loud and aggressive. Whatever course you choose, it should match the vibe and philosophy of your business. Don't be put off with autoresponders if you're in a business that requires a long-term subtle approach, that's exactly where they shine.

Getting it Done

Sure, setting up an autoresponder mailing system is a some work, but it's one of those high-profit tactics that's crying out to be done. Here are some options for deployment . . .

  • We can help you set up the technology and also provide a full autoresponder marketing strategy.

  • Outsource it to Elance. They have people that can help with almost every task, including professional copy writing.

  • Let your affiliates do the work. Setting up an affiliate program doesn't take much more than some tracking software which can be had for less than $100. Most businesses selling directly online should at least consider the benefits of an affiliate program.

Autoresponders are a great way to save time, reduce stress, build customer loyalty, and increase conversions! The key is to stay focused on providing helpful information to your clients early in the buying process.

How do you find out what's helpful to your clients? Ask! You need to know what they want, what's important to them, how they view things, and what's missing in existing services or products. When it comes to building an autoresponder sequence and structuring your traffic-generation site, it's all about discovering and responding to your clients needs and aspirations.

If you adjust your message as you go, and communicate at reasonable intervals, you're on the right track.

Recommended autoresponder services: Aweber and GetResponse.