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How can your business create a "virtual magnet" that attracts ideal clients?

Welcome to the era of client-powered marketing, a mega-trend that is already impacting your bottom line and that will soon become pervasive.

In the same way we "know" celebrities through the media, your potential clients — buyers, customers, patients, members, etc. — know your business through its online visibility and reputation. And they are making decisions to engage your business — or not — based on what they find on the Web.

What the public says about your company in the rapidly-evolving social media landscape may well overshadow the message your own business presents.

Consequently, power is shifting away from business, media, and advertising towards newly-empowered clients.

And those clients, when digitally coalesced on the network, will offer businesses — at least those willing to listen — an unprecedented positive source of ideas, social connections, and referrals.

Clients are declaring their intent that companies must both listen and join in. The people formally known as the audience have become active participants in an public, high-velocity conversation. The crowd is in the driver's seat, using (and also creating) the social Web to guide their own buying decisions and behavior, while effectively controlling your business' image and reputation.

This historic re-ordering of media, marketing, and commerce, triggered by the revolution in digital technology culminates in the new mantra for business: listen to your clients, or perish.

This powerful trend cannot be ignored, nor is there any reason to do so: the key is to ride the wave, both locally and globally; allowing clients to become an integral part of your business. Let them show you the way.

The Web is no longer peripheral – the Web is now the world.

Your online presence, including the client-powered cloud that surrounds it, IS your business.

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But there is trouble in this virtual paradise of e-commerce. In today's digital marketplace, where alternative products and services are just one click away, potential clients suffer from a "paradox of choice": Confusion from too many options, and indecision from too little actionable information.

Our mission is to help your business succeed online; to break through the noise of competing alternatives, to create a clear message that will foster top-of-mind awareness, and to built a constellation of online fans around your company.

From organic carrots to private jet maintenance, the Web is the first place people go for every product and service. To prosper, you must have a strong online strategy.

What do clients expect out of their online experience?

  • To find your business in seconds, and get answers to all their questions
  • To perceive how your products or services are different than others
  • To feel confident and comfortable buying from your business

On the Web, all of that needs to happen within a minute or two. Otherwise, POOF! They're gone.

What are the biggest roadblocks to your company's online success?

  • Poor site visibility
  • Unclear differentiation from competitors — no edge
  • One-way client communication (or no communication at all)
  • Weak client-powered marketing (insufficient reviews, ratings, and buzz)

Unfortunately, most small businesses are knocked out of the top-10 search positions by competitors with a better strategy. (Paid advertising is an option, but it has drawbacks).

And often, clients are unclear how your business differs from others. What's your edge? Better, more functional, more relevant products? Superior customer service; more convenience or speed, more effective marketing?

Is your business truly differentiated from competitors, or are you offering similar services, at similar prices, to an undefined client base?

Does your business have an active communications program to stay in touch with clients, get feedback on products and services, and to develop a referral network?

According to Neilsen (2009), time spent on social media now exceeds that spent on email. Are you using social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, InsiderPages, and You Tube to build visibility and promote your business?

The best way to predict the future is to create it! Our straightforward action plans and services will create a magnet for YOUR ideal clients — sculpting your online marketing program into a true business asset, and your main source of referrals.

We overcome these roadblocks by discovering your edge, making your site ridiculously easy to find, delivering everything your clients need to choose your business, and by building systems to bring your ideal clients back again and again.

The Web can be your most effective, lowest-cost sales channel. You just need a strategy that attracts visitors truly interested in your specific product or service, forms a relationship with those visitors, and communicates with them to build a robust referral network.

Those determined to succeed by embracing the cloud and the Web will have the best chances. – ZDNet August, 2009