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Local Search Checklist

We'll need the information below to complete your Local Search Marketing Program. You may submit this information to us, or we will do our best to extract it from your web site and other sources, and ask you to verify it.

The business information we send to these citation providers and search engines  on your behalf forms a critical part of your overall online marketing strategy.

(The information accepted by each citation source and search engine varies; we use as much of your information as possible. If you do not wish to submit information for a particular item, or it doesn't apply, just leave it blank. )

==============================  BEGIN ==============================

  • Name of the company or organization (the business name in public use. Please do not add phone numbers, keywords, email or web addresses to your business name)

  • Name of primary business contact person (a personal name is often required to create various local search accounts. We create a secure user name / password combination for you and provide that to you as part our service. That way, you'll always have access to your accounts. Instead of your real birthdate or birthplace, which are not relevant to business listings, but nonetheless required by a few citation providers, we use March 26, 1973, East Lansing, Michigan (corresponding to Google Co-founder Larry Page). If ever needed, contact us for the answer to the security question.

  • Physical address of the business (complete street address including suite number if any, and postal code. Please do not use a post office box. If the primary business phone is not answered directly by a human, then verification of your business address will be done by postal mail. Therefore, you must be able to receive postal mail at the address you provide.)

  • Do you want us to limit your submission to providers that allow us to hide your street address from public display? (if you have a home-based business, consider this option, otherwise, answer "no")

  • Primary business phone number (if possible, use a local phone number in this format 555-555-5555, not a toll-free number. A human must be able to directly answer the phone number you provide for verification purposes. If that is not possible, verification will occur by postal mail.

  • Supplemental phone numbers (indicate if toll-free, mobile, after-hours, emergency, etc. The quantity of displayable phone numbers depends on the space allowance of the citation provider. Recommendation: list the numbers in order of importance).

  • Fax number

  • Email address (primary public contact email address, for example

  • Web site address (also called the URL, for example If you have more than one location, use the URL that best corresponds to the location you are submitting)

  • Days and hours of operation (for example, Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 5:00, closed Saturday and Sunday. Indicate if hours vary by day, or are divided by time, for example Weekdays 8:00 - 12:00 and 1:00 - 5:00 except Tuesday 9:00 - 1:00):

  • Which categories (up to 5) best describe your business? We'll do our best to match your categories. (for example: Dentist, Wedding Photographer, Thai Restaurant, Women's Clothing.

  • Single-sentence title (up to 70 characters including spaces, usually the business name followed by keywords (for example: Lewis & Clark, Explorers and Wilderness Guides

  • Short-form business description (up to 200 characters including spaces. Carefully consider what you want to tell potential clients. It's best to go beyond mere description and features. Instead, write from the viewpoint of your future clients: emphasize benefits of working with your business, express your uniqueness, and entice your clients to take action.)

  • Products or services offered (a general description of products carried and services performed, up to 200 characters including spaces)

  • Specialties (services or products in which the business specializes):

  • Year the business was established

  • Payment options. List specific payments methods you accept, and any that you do not accept. (for example: American Express, cash, check, Diner's Club, Discover, financing, Google Checkout, invoice, MasterCard, Paypal, traveler's check, Visa, No cash, no checks, no credit cards, etc.

  • If you perform services for clients at their locations, tell us how far you are willing to travel from your main physical address (in miles). Or, you may send us a list of zip codes or city names that you service. If you do not travel to clients, leave this blank.


  • Up to 10 digital images that depict your business / organization, or business product. For example: images of your building, owners, product line, logo, services being performed, etc. If you want a caption to appear next to the image, indicate the caption, or name the image with the caption. Do not submit generic images or images for which you do not have permission to use. We may re-size your images as necessary, or crop your images to a square format (which generally works best with local search).

  • The YouTube addresses (URL's) of up to five videos that that depict your business / organization, or business product. For example: a video tour of your office, TV ads, interviews with owners, presentation of product line, services being performed, etc. If your videos are not currently on YouTube, upload them here.

  • Professional associations or organizations (up to six, list most important first)

  • Professional accreditations and certifications (up to six, list most important first)

  • Brands carried, or service names offered (if your business offers recognized brand names, list the most important ones here)

  • Languages spoken by staff (the 10 most common in the U.S. are English, Spanish, American Sign Language, Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin), French, German, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Italian, Korean. )

  • Parking options: (for example: free on-site parking, metered street parking, off-site parking nearby, street parking, valet, etc.)

  • Do you offer Wi-Fi (wireless Internet)?

  • Location description (provide cross streets, nearby landmarks, or other clues to help clients find your business. )

  • Long-form business description (up to 1,000 characters including spaces)

  • Biographies of principals or owners (up to 1,000 characters including spaces):

  • Business history (up to 1,000 characters including spaces):

==============================  END ==============================