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Competitors and Partners Report

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How does your online business stack up against competitors? This custom report shows you the big picture.

While the Keyword Visibility Report shows how visible your site is for each keyword, this report is an overall measure of how well your site performs in the search engines compared with all the other sites in your niche.

We produced this sample report for a client in the nutritional supplement business.

Our software searches the your master keyword list, across each of the major search engines. It logs where the site ranks for each keyword, then aggregates the results, with the 200 most successful sites listed first. Result: a concise picture of how the site compares to your true competitors from a search-engine perspective. It takes into account all the factors that affect search engine placement and shows how much public exposure the site really has.

The "Score" is each site's relative overall measure of search engine presence — higher scores are better. This does not necessarily mean that high scoring sites have the most traffic, since traffic can come from sources other than search engines, but the score is an excellent indicator of potential traffic.

Notice in this sample that many competing sites do not sell supplements at all, they just provide information. Others, like Amazon, sell everything under the sun (including supplements). And a few are government or non-profit organizations.

Some of top-ranking sites are not true competitors in terms of supplement sales, but they definitely are from a search engine traffic and visibility viewpoint, eating up positions at the top of the search results.

How do these high-scoring sites achieve their lofty status? They concentrate lots of fresh content (about longevity, memory, aging, supplements, etc.), and they have an good number of inbound links.

Content + inbound links = high search visibility and lots of direct traffic from other sites.

In many markets, the bulk of your competitors will have modest, unoptimized sites — you can beat most of them, most of the time, with a good strategy.

Sometimes, your obvious competitors are not doing as well as you think they are. Then again, others you may not have considered may be eating your lunch. The only way to know is to run this report.

Could some of these high-ranking companies make good marketing partners? Absolutely. Provided they are not direct competitors, there are opportunities to syndicate articles (with embedded links back to you), explore some sort of cross-promotion through an affiliate program or advertising, and gather some inbound links.

Your own custom Competitors and Partners Report is included with the Marketing Roadmap. It's one of the best things you can do to understand the landscape and chart a course to online success.

See the Sample Report