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Keyword Visibility Report

See the Sample Report

Your clients are searching for your business using any of hundreds of possible keywords. This report shows how well your site ranks for those keyword searches.

We developed this sample report for a nutritional supplement retailer specializing in brain longevity and memory-enhancement products. It shows their top-10 search engine positions across 200 of the most-searched keywords in their niche. (It's common for a business niche to have anywhere from 200 to 2,000 plausible long-tail keywords; this report actually used 500 keywords, but we are showing only the first 200.)

The keywords were extracted from a database of actual searches done in the previous 90 days. Taken together, they add up to 597,000 searches a month. A big market to be sure.

Your keyword list should include any terms that someone might use, directly or indirectly, to connect with your business. Why? Because visitors will search for indirect questions like "What is the best treatment for short-term memory loss?" (having no idea about the type of solution) , or "How can I calm my mind?" as well as direct searches like "brain supplement"

In this report, the number within each cell is the actual search engine position for that keyword / search engine combination.

Anything from 1 - 10 is great!

But as you can see, almost all the cells in the table below are blank.

This site, along with most of the business sites we review, is effectively invisible to a very high percentage of potential clients.

Why? Because it's been knocked out of the top-10 search results by competitors with a better focus and strategy.

Our client may have a listing at position number 58 on Google, but who cares? Almost no one will find it.

If your site does not appear on the first page or two of search results, traffic will drop off DRAMATICALLY for that keyword.

You'll have to develop alternative ways to get noticed, pay for advertising, or live with low traffic.

Unfortunately, this sad state of affairs is VERY common. Most businesses are largely invisible for searches they really should score highly on, but because they don't have a local search or optimization plan.

So how does your business rank? The only way to know is to develop a keyword list and run a custom visibility report like this. Then, take action to turn things around in your favor. This report is included in our Marketing Roadmap.

See the Sample Report